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If you’re struggling with issues in existing apps and have bugs that need fixing, you can count on our software engineers to dive in, without distracting your team.

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He listed to what my issue was and put the effort until he found the issue and resolved it, very communicative, easy to work with, genuinely skilled 10/10 recommended.

Axel Suer, Entrepreneur


Bug fixing is the process of identifying and resolving issues or glitches in a software application. These bugs can range from minor inconveniences to major functionality problems that impact user experience. As an app developer, it's crucial to tackle these issues head-on to ensure your app runs smoothly.

When it comes to bug fixing, it involves a systematic approach of investigating, reproducing, and diagnosing the problem at hand. This requires analyzing error logs, examining code snippets, and conducting thorough testing to pinpoint the root cause of the issue.

Once the bug has been identified, developers then work tirelessly to find a solution. This may involve rewriting sections of code or implementing patches to fix any errors that were discovered during the debugging process.

Bug fixing is not just about solving immediate problems; it also plays a vital role in improving overall app performance and stability. By addressing bugs promptly and efficiently, you can enhance user satisfaction while maintaining your app's reputation for reliability.

In essence, bug fixing is an ongoing process that ensures your app evolves into its best version over time. It requires patience, attention to detail, and above all - perseverance!


There are different levels of bug severity that developers categorize bugs into. The most common scale used includes four levels: critical, high, medium, and low.

  • Critical bugs are showstoppers - they completely prevent users from using certain features or even accessing the app altogether. These bugs require immediate action as they have a severe impact on user experience.

  • High severity bugs may not render the app unusable but still significantly affect its functionality or cause major errors in specific features. They should be resolved promptly to maintain a smooth user experience.

  • Medium severity bugs have moderate impacts on app performance or functionality. While they don't hinder basic usage, addressing them ensures users have an optimal experience with minimal disruptions.

  • Low severity bugs have minor impacts that may not affect all users or only occur under specific circumstances. Although these issues might not require immediate attention, resolving them improves overall stability and enhances user satisfaction.

If you are unsure which category your issue falls into, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation before placing your order.

    Low Severity

    Cosmetic to minor severity like small design issues or broken links.


    • Bug investigation
    • Fix documentation
    • Source code
    • 1 hour of work
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    Most popular

    Moderate to medium severity, e.g. feature does not work properly.


    • Bug investigation
    • Fix documentation
    • Source code
    • 2 hours of work
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    High Severity

    High to critical severity, e.g. app crashes or login does not work.


    • Bug investigation
    • Fix documentation
    • Source code
    • 4 hours of work
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