CI/CD automation services

Create agile workflow with automated pipelines

If you're looking to automate certain tasks, I can build CI/CD pipeline solutions such as code quality gates and automatic deployment to the app store. These pipelines create an agile workflow by combining integration, testing, delivery, and deployment. By including these solutions, you’ll end up with more reliable, quicker, and higher quality software and app deployments.

Automated processes

The benefits of CI/CU pipelines are achieved through automated processes. I can work on all phases of creating the pipeline, from source to deployment:

  • Working on the source phase means making any changes to the code trigger CI/CD tools to automatically apply modifications. Typical triggers are user-initiated processes, programmed timelines, and outcomes of other pipelines.
  • The build phase compiles an app with its source code archive.
  • Testing includes the implementation of automated tests to check the code and functionality of the program, ironing out any repeating issues.
  • Deployment is the last stage of the CI/CD pipeline, where the source goes to servers such as AWS or Azure, making it functional.

My experience, your team

As a remote software developer, I'm able to work across time zones and work on projects even when you’ve left the office. I provide quick turnarounds at a cost-effective rate, without skipping on quality. My experience working remotely with various companies worldwide allows me to easily integrate into your team.