Backend solutions

Backend app development and consultancy

Experienced in providing backend solutions for mobile apps and backend APIs, I work with the likes of Firebase, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Hasura to name just a few.

When it comes to backend app development, I’ve worked with everyone from agile start-ups to many major international brands including IBM Deutschland GmbH and can help you in all the aspects you need, including:

  • Integration of data sources and databases into a single system
  • User authentication and authorization between different systems and services
  • Writing clean and maintainable code
  • Cross-platform functionality and compatibility of applications

My experience, your team

As a remote software developer I can help you free up your organization’s resources, working on the backend app development while your teams concentrate on other tasks. I’ll easily integrate into your team and offer flexibility thanks to working across different time zones. You can enjoy cost-effective rates and quick turnarounds, without skipping on quality.