Freelance app maintenance services

Professional application maintenance and support

I’m the go-to for clients when they need software support. If your app needs updates, bug fixes or simply some general maintenance, I can ensure it runs smoothly again.

I make sure your apps offer optimal performance and are up-to-date with developing technology. By regularly maintaining your app, you’ll not only ensure that your app is running smoothly, but also that your software is scalable. I’ll help you achieve this with the following professional tech services:

  • Adaptive maintenance: this keeps software compatible with changing business needs and technical evolution.
  • Perfective maintenance: I’ll modify all elements, functionalities and abilities to optimize system operations and performance.
  • Corrective maintenance: I’ll identify errors in the current system and correct them to make everything run more smoothly.
  • Preventative maintenance: I’ll prevent your system from any upcoming vulnerabilities. This improves the software to ensure it’s safeguarded for the future.

Software needs to be maintained so that it’s able to endure a long lifespan and run smoothly. To do this includes bug fixing, capability enhancement, removal of outdated functions, and performance improvement.

My experience, your team

Working as a remote software developer across different time zones means that I’m not restricted to an eight-hour day. When it comes to application maintenance and support, I can work on your projects, even when you’ve left the office. My experience working remotely means that I’m able to easily integrate into new teams and offer cost-effective rates with quick turnarounds.