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From corporate life to freelance app development

Freelance software engineer | Henrik Bolte

Henrik Bolte

Software Engineer // Consultant

Hi, I’m Henrik Bolte. As a remote software engineer and consultant, I offer a flexible and agile service with a focus on developing mobile and web applications for Android and iOS and provide consultation for companies.

Following a corporate career in Germany that saw me working at companies such as Neusoft Technology Solutions, I made a career change and became a freelance software developer.

A journey to remote

A working holiday to South East Asia took an unexpected turn when the pandemic hit. Unlike many who went home, I stayed on and have since made ASEAN my home, pivoting my career to work entirely remotely.

Today I love nothing more than working with different companies around the world and across industries. And I’ve discovered my experience, flexibility and dedication are hugely valued by my clients.

Working as a remote software developer across time zones also gives me the flexibility to not be restricted to an eight-hour work day, meaning that I can work on tasks even when you’ve left the office. I integrate into teams effortlessly and am able to offer cost-effective rates, without skipping on quality, providing quick turnarounds for clients.

I’m so excited to be at the cutting edge of remote software development, becoming an example of how this new, effective and convenient way of managing development projects.

My mission

I am on a mission to support today’s companies where they need it most, providing flexibility, dedication and professionalism on a remote basis for all their development projects.

My expertise

I use platforms, services and frameworks such as Angular, Ionic, Cordova & Capacitor, Android Studio, Xcode, Hasura, and Firebase to plan, build, and design apps, and software such as JIRA, Scrum, and Git to manage and track projects and coordinate complex information.

My experience as a project lead means I can offer companies the flexibility and specialized skills needed when they are short on practical skills to plan and develop their native apps. I can also guide companies through the app creation process.

As an original Android developer focused on cross-platform development, I bridge the cross-platform development gap by anticipating potential issues when incorporating native functionalities on cross-platform technologies such as Ionic, React Native, and Flutter.

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