Web and Mobile App Development | Henrik Bolte

Web and Mobile App Development | Henrik Bolte

Have you ever wondered about the potential that web and mobile app development could offer for your business? No matter what type of app you have been looking to develop, it’s almost irrefutable that there’s a huge amount of potential in this ever-expanding field.

And, with approximately 6.648 billion smartphone users in the world currently, representing just shy of 84% of the world’s total population, it’s apparent that there’s rarely been a better time to consider optimizing your normal solutions and strategies for mobile content specifically. And what better way to go about that than with app development?


Professional App Development Shouldn’t be an Impossible Goal

However, developing an application for mobile devices is exceptionally difficult – there’s no doubt about that. In so many cases, the mobile app development process takes a huge amount of time, and it can often seem like a massive undertaking to try and learn the entire coding language simply to create one little app. So, what’s the alternative?

You could try a “drag and drop” app builder, but these can hardly offer the professionalism and reliability you need for your app. So, why not make things so much more effective instead with professionally made, bespoke, and fully hand-coded app development solutions instead?

This is where I can help, and as an expert freelance app developer for hire with years of experience in the field, I’d be thrilled to contribute my skills here to help. Don’t leave things to chance for your new mobile application development – reach out to me today, and I’ll see what I can do to help bring your dream app project to life!

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The Benefits of Creating an App For Your Business or Project

Mobile App Development Services | Henrik Bolte

Mobile App Development Services | Henrik Bolte

As we’ve already outlined earlier, there’s a huge amount of potential when it comes to app creation and development. After all, with literally billions of users owning a smartphone, the market size for your brand new app could be immense – which could be well worth considering for your own project.

But what makes apps such a great solution, anyway? Well, there are numerous different things you may want to consider regarding this question, and some of the most prominent benefits of application development include the following points. It’s more affordable than a physical call center!

Many traditional business models relied heavily on a physical call center to keep in touch with their customer base, but the limitations of this model are apparent. This comes with potentially substantial costs for your business, but it can often be a great source of frustration for your customers, too.

Delays with call centers can leave your customers struggling to access the information that they need, which could, in turn, reduce your businesses’ conversions and leave you making less than you deserve to be! But, with a mobile application, your customers can enjoy instant access to information without the hassle – potentially improving their experience while cutting your business’s operating costs overall.

Plus, some apps are now even integrating “chatbots” to provide a live experience to customers without needing so many real staff. Overall, this simple change can go a long way towards boosting your customers’ experience with the brand.

Customers have access to information on-the-go

We’re all leading increasingly busy lifestyles these days, making it harder than ever before to find the information we need. Your customers or users don’t have time to spend ages searching the internet for the content they need – which is why an app that’s already downloaded and ready to go in their pocket can be the ideal opportunity.

Enjoy a wider market appeal

Expanding your market is one of the key selling points of app development solutions, helping you access a market that might otherwise have been off-limits with a traditional web-based solution. Many phone users far prefer the more streamlined and efficient experience that a mobile app builder can offer, compared to mobile site designs that are often clunky and hard to navigate.

Why not branch out into a new market with mobile app development solutions for your project? The time is now!


How I Can Help Transform Your App Development Goals

Developing an application from scratch is never easy – but as a professional app developer, this is a challenge I’m proud to tackle for my clients. As a 5-star rated app developer with eight years of professional, thorough knowledge in the app development industry, I’m proud to provide innovative, versatile solutions at a competitive rate and an almost unbeatable price!

What makes my support different? Well, not only can I provide in-depth support thanks to my front-line and extensive experience for Ionic, React Native, and Flutter app development strategies, but I’m also thrilled to offer the following unbeatable perks for my clients.

So, no matter what you might need, I’ll always be on hand to help bring your project to life.

With every order, I deliver:

  • Simple, advanced, or complex app functions, based on your requirements
  • A fully functioning back-end solution
  • Between one and three platforms for your mobile application
  • Ultra-fast, fully-coded delivery in 30, 60, or 90 days
  • Full aftercare is available on your new app for one, two, or three months

Following the delivery of the app, you are the owner of both the app and its full source code – but I’m happy to assist with ongoing app maintenance for a period of one, two, or three months. Every app development solution also includes completely free upload services onto either the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, so you can get started immediately.

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Discover My App Development Solutions for Your Project

Full Stack Mobile App | Henrik Bolte

Full Stack Mobile App | Henrik Bolte

If you’re ready to start your own app development project, need an additional feature for your existing app, or anything in-between, you need professional support from one of the most professional and experienced app developers on the market. However, you also shouldn’t have to pay the earth for your app development solutions; hence, I’m immensely proud to help with all of my clients’ unique coding requirements.

Whatever you might need, I’m here for you! So, why not give me a shout today to begin discussing your requirements? I’m here to help, and I’m immensely proud to provide thorough and versatile coding solutions for every client.

You’re the owner of the app and its source code, 100% - and I’ll be here to provide full aftercare support for your requirements, just to be sure everything’s running perfectly, just as you’ve always imagined.

Web app engineering solutions that are perfectly tailored to your unique requirements – it’s what I do. And, with exceptionally competitive delivery times in as little as one month for a fully-functioning app, you can be sure of the best possible solutions when you partner with a fully qualified mobile app creator.

So, why choose anyone else; I’m here for you!


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