My services

App development and consultancy

I can help you in all aspects of iOS, Android and web app creation, from planning and designing to developing and building. I have specialist knowledge of cross-platform app development using hybrid and PWA app developer software.

How I work

If you’re looking for an app developer who can join your team effortlessly, and bring new ideas and a strong work ethic to your project, I can help. As well as joining and leading development teams for both corporate clients and startups, I also provide software development consultancy.

I’ll ensure that your vision and project requirements are met and guide you on everything from device compatibility, functional improvements, and implementation, to feature development and enhancement, design improvements, and more.

Custom app creation

I specialize in full app creation by providing both turnkey and highly bespoke digital app creations for mobile and desktop. If you’re looking for an app developer who can turn your vision into reality, then look no further.

With extensive knowledge in cross-platform app development using hybrid and PWA technologies, I develop customizable hybrid mobile apps and web applications to fit your business needs.

Freelance App Developer | Henrik Bolte

App consultation

I’ll utilize my expertise as an app development consultant to work alongside you on all aspects of app development.

I can help you with everything from feature development, enhancement and design improvements, and bug fixes, to migration tasks, tasks, App Store submission, Web App deployment, and back-end tasks to ensure that meets your vision and requirements.

Looking for an app developer | Henrik Bolte

Bug fixing

If you’re struggling with issues in existing apps, I can help iron out any bugs and ensure it continues working smoothly.

Freelance Software Developer Bug Fixing | Henrik Bolte

Other app services

If you don’t have a full app development project, but would like the support of a freelance app developer to help you with fixing bugs, plug-ins or customization, I can help. These are the additional services I offer:

Backend solutions

I am experienced in providing backend solutions for mobile apps and backend APIs. I work with the likes of Firebase, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Hasura.

Capacitor plugins

If you’re looking for an app developer to develop capacitor plugins, I have experience working across iOS, Android and web apps.


Want to automate certain tasks? I can build CI/CD pipeline solutions such as code quality gates and automatic deployment to the app store.


Add new features to your app, revise architecture, implement a new design system and manage complex migrations with my services.


If your app needs updates, bugs fixing or simply some general maintenance, I can ensure it is back to running smoothly for you.

Project management

If you have a larger mobile app project underway and need someone to manage your teams, I have extensive experience in managing projects from start to finish.